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Aconcagua Traverse

Alpine highlight on the “Polish Route” on the

highest mountain of America
highest mountain of the southern hemisphere
highest mountain of the western hemisphere
second highest mountain of the “Seven Summits”

Date: Sat. November 17  to  Sat. December 8,  2018

The price excluding flight and permit, including accommodation, food, tents, rental equipment, airport transfer, road transport in South America and the mountain guide is for the 22 day program € 3.590, –.

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Ski Touring Iran & Persian Culture

Ski Touring in Iran and Persian Culture – from the summits of Alam Kuh (4848 m) and Damavand (5671 m) to the legendary cities of Ghom, Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz and Persepolis

Date: April 26 to May 9, 2020

Early booking price: € 2.690,- until November 30. 2020, later bookings € 2.790,-.

Ski-touring week and sightseeing week can be booked individually!

Ski-touring week: April 26. to May 4. 2020 €1.850,- or €1.890,-
Sightseeing week: May 3. bis May 9. 2020 €1.450,- or €1.490,-

Included services: 6 days of ski touring / 6 days of sightseeing or 7 days ski touring / 5 days sightseeing, mountain guide, guided sightseeing, accommodation with full board during ski tours, bed and breakfast during the city trip, all local transport and airport pick-up service, all etrance fees to cultural sights. Not included: flight to Teheran (typical fares approx. € 450,-)

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Ski Touring Lyngen Alps Norway

Snow covered mountains surrounded by the deep blue ocean, untracked slopes, a ski lodge on the waterfront, fresh fish and northern lights – that’s what ski touring in the Lyngen Alps of Norway is about.

Ski touring in the Alps is already something special. But the Lyngen Alps of Norway hold even more in store: Way up in the Arctic wilderness around the 70th parallel north there are spectacular fjords, virgin powder slopes, mystic northern lights and a house the sea waiting for you. If time passes slowly here, that’s just fine.

Lyngen Dates 2019

  • Week I from Sat. 2nd to Sat. 9th of March 2019
    Mountain Guides: Stefan Pöder and Stefan Kosz
  • Week II from Sat. 9th to Sat. 16th of March 2019
    Mountain Guides: Peter Ehregruber and Stefan Kosz
  • Week III from Sat. 16th to Sat. 23rd of March 2019
    Mountain Guides: Peter Ehrengruber and Stefan Kosz
  • Week IV from Sat. 23th to Sat. 30th of March 2019
    Mountain Guides: Roland Striemitzer and Magnus Stangl
  • Week V from Sat. 30th of March to Sa 6th of April 2019
    Mountain Guides: Roland Striemitzer and Magnus Stangl
  • Week VI from Sat. 6th to Sat. 13th of April 2019
    Mountain Guides: Roland Striemitzer and Thomas Scheiber
  • Week VI from Sat. 13th to Sat. 20th of April 2019
    Mountain Guides: Paul Held and Thomas Scheiber

Early booking price: € 1.840,- until 31.8.2019, later bookings € 1.890,- (minimum group size 6 persons, maximum 7 persons in two groups)

Included services: 6 days ski touring, mountain guide, ski lodge with sauna directly by the ocean, all transfers and airport pick-up service, food and accommodation all inclusive. Not included: flight to Tromsø.

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Ski Touring in Iceland – Fire & Ice

Skiing from lonely peaks to the ocean shore, active volcanoes, hot springs, spas and aurora borealis, the northern lights

With its rugged coastline, secluded fjords, active volcanoes and glowing auroras, Iceland is a fascinating destination for every passionate backcountry skier. This country of fire and ice has a surreal appearance with ice-capped peaks and geothermal activity just below the surface. Leaving first tracks on these virgin slopes can only be described as ski touring deluxe.

A ski tour in Iceland between glaciers and geysers

Ski touring in Iceland means untouched mountains in perfect solitude. The slopes are rather flat and skiing is often possible right to the shoreline. No bush, no tree no tourists get in our way between the largest glacier of Europe and bubbling geysers. Iceland seems an unreal place, it is unique in many ways and particularly exciting as a skiing destination.

Date I: March 31. to  April 7. 2019
Date II: April 7. to 14. 2019
Date III: April  14. to 21. 2019
Date IV: April 21. to 28. 2019

Early booking price € 1.790,- available until August 31. 2017, later bookings € 1.840,- (Minimum group size 5 persons). Included services: 6 days of ski touring with a qualified mountain guide, transfer from the airport and all transfers on day tours, full board, ski lodge with whirlpool. Not included: flight to Akureyri (typical fares: from € 400,- to € 600,- from Europe).

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Ski Touring Toubkal Morocco

Fantastic ski touring around Djebel Toubkal in the High Atlas, remote mountain villages and buzzing Marrakech in springtime

Ski touring in Morocco means exotic adventure: The High Atlas soars 4.000 meters above the vibrant city of Marrakech – one of the most oriental places of the Maghreb – the valleys are blooming while the peaks are still covered in soft spring snow, and the Berber people are always good company.

Date: February 1. to 10. 2018
Extended stay in Marrakech optional.

Early booking price: € 1.390,- until September 30. , later bookings € 1.440,- €. (minimum group size 6 persons, max. 8 per mountain guide)

Included services: 6 days of ski touring, mountain guide, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner and packed lunch during ski tours, transfers by Land Rover including airport pick-up service, 2 days sightseeing in Marrakech. Not included: airfares (typical price from Europe: approx. € 250,- to 350,-)

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Ski Touring Valle Stura Piedmont

Fantastic rides, the world renowned cuisine of Piedmont and a little spa oasis

The Piedmont (Latin: pedem montium‚ at the foot of the mountains) is a laid back province of Italy. Situated close to the Swiss and French border, it is a region that is renowned both for excellent ski touring and powder snow as well as for its culinary delights. This is the birthplace of the Slow Food movement; its cuisine is high class yet rustic and alpine, it has no tolerance for rushing things. The village of Sambuco in Valle Stura is surrounded by mountains that soar above 3.000 m. There is no rush up here either.

Date: February 23. to 28. 2019

Price: € 1.075,- (minimum group size 5 persons)

Included: 6 ski tours with mountain guide, half board accommodation at the Spa Hotel Osteria della Pace in double rooms, local transport (taxi, bus). Not included: Transport to location. Join other group members in Innsbruck to reduce the environmental impact.

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Climbing & Sailing Kalymnos

Sailing means serenity, freedom and relaxation. Climbing is meditation, concentration and precision. A combination of the two on the Greek island of Kalymnos means a perfect holiday. The gods of the Olympus may be jealous.

Date I: June 13. to June 20. 2017
Date II: June 20. to June 27. 2017                                                          

Price: € 1.190,- (minimum group size 5 persons, maximum 8 persons per group).

Included: 8 days guiding by an Austrian mountain guide, rock climbing program, chartered yacht with skipper. Not included: Flight to Kalymnos (average airfares € 300,- to 400,-), food on board.

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Ski and Snowboard Guiding

The Mountain Guides from Alpine School St.Anton are the Experts for “Off Piste Skiing” and “Ski Touring” in the Arlberg Region!

“We know where to find the best snow and where it is still untracked. Depending on your skills we will find the ideal terrain for you to improve and enjoy an exciting day”.

Our Office will check availability and will make sure you get the ideal guide for your specific request. We make sure our Guide leads a snowboard group on a snowboard, a ski group on skies and telemark group on telis.

Prices for Off Piste and Touring

1 Person                € 360,- per day
2 Persons              € 430,- per day
3 Persons              € 490,- per day
4 Persons              € 540,- per day
5 Persons              € 580,- per day
6 Persons              € 610,- per day
7 Persons              € 630,- per day

10 % discount for bookings more than 3 days!

Including safety-gear* free of charge!

*Tranceiver, Shovel, Probe.

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Freeriding Ski Touring Dolomites

Across the Dolomites on touring skis in 6 days: 10.000 vertical meters between Pala and Sexten, freeriding in finest powder in the world’s most beautiful mountains and the delicious cuisine of northern Italy and South Tyrol.

The Dolomites are among the world’s most beautiful mountains and part of the UNESCO world heritage list.

The necessary ingredients for the thrill of freeriding are easily explained: ascents of 500 to 800 vertical meters per day, a little help from the countless ski lifts of the „Dolomiti Superski“ area and the fantastic terrain of the Southern Limestone Alps.

Date: February 16. to  February 21. 2019

Price: € 1095,- (minimum group size 5 persons)

Included: 6 days of ski touring with an Austrian mountain guide,  half-board in double or multi-bed rooms, exclusive transfer by taxi or bus. Ski pass not included.

Freeriding in the Dolomites, filmed by Peter Muszi.

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