Aconcagua Traverse

Alpine highlight on the “Polish Route” on the

highest mountain of America
highest mountain of the southern hemisphere
highest mountain of the western hemisphere
second highest mountain of the “Seven Summits”

Date: Sat. November 17  to  Sat. December 8,  2018

The price excluding flight and permit, including accommodation, food, tents, rental equipment, airport transfer, road transport in South America and the mountain guide is for the 22 day program € 3.590, –.

Arriving by international flight via Buenos Aires, Santiago or Sao Paulo to Mendoza is not included in the price. Minimum number of participants 5 persons.

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Itinerary Aconcagua

The traverse of the Cerro Aconcagua leads us on the ascent along the “Rio de las Vacas” to the “Plaza Argentina”. Via the “Glaciar de los Polacos” it goes up to the roof of America. The descent is via the normal route via “Plaza de Mulas” along the “Quebrada de los Horcones”. So we roam the entire Aconcagua area in just over two weeks and see the mountain with the world’s largest dominance from all sides.

The Aconcagua, in the language of the Aymara “Schneeberg” or in Quechua “stone guardian”, is considered a high trekking summit without any special technical difficulties. The high altitude as well as the local weather with blizzards, called “Vientos Blancos”, make it a serious alpine activity, which requires excellent physical fitness, perfect acclimatization and a good portion of mountain climbers’ suffering.

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Cover photo: Alejandro Miranda