Avalanche Knowledge & Rescue Training

Two-day course: Basic skills in avalanche safety and rescue procedures

Ski touring is a fantastic sport, no wonder that it is becoming increasingly popular. However, you need at least some basic skills to keep your risk at a minimum. A two-day avalanche safety and rescue course is the best primer.

„I have been teaching courses for the Austrian Alpine Club for more than ten years. I like to pass on my knowledge, based on many years of professional experience.“Paul Held, certified mountain guide and ski instructor.

Theory: Learn everything you need to know about avalanche danger in an easy to understand and enjoyable way.

Practical Training: Apply what you have learned in theory during a ski tour, training includes assessing terrain and the quick use of avalanche transceivers in emergency situations. The location of the tour will be agreed with the participants on request or depending on snow conditions. The practical day can be organized at various locations in Tyrol/near Innsbruck.

Price: € 180,- Euro per person (max. 8 persons, a surcharge applies for small groups of less than four). Groups of up to 30 persons are possible with several mountain guides.

Included: 2 days of theory with one day of practical training. Travel to the destination is not included. Share the ride with other group members for economical and ecological reasons.

Detailed Information:

  • Goals: Acquire the basic skills for risk reduction during ski touring or winter mountaineering.
  • Contents: Assessing terrain, weather, avalanche bulletin, possible dangers, terrain risks, avalanche hazard and danger levels. Risk management strategies, tour planning, simulation of an avalanche accident, search and rescue procedures, using an avalanche transceiver (beacon).
  • Head Instructor: Paul Held, officially certified mountain guide and ski school partner.
    Requirements: Some ski touring experience, sufficient fitness for 2-3 h ascent and descent.
  • Location ⁄Accommodation: In the mountains around Innsbruck, depending on conditions.
  • Equipment: Touring skis, split board or snowboard and snow shoes, avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe. Rental safety equipment available.