Travel Information for Norway


Every major European airport offers direct flights to Oslo, in some cases it is necessary to change in Frankfurt or Copenhagen. Norwegian and Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) fly from Oslo to Tromsø. Stockholm has direct flights to Tromsø. You must book your own flight.

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Stopover in Oslo (allow a minimum of 1 hour between connecting flights!)

You MUST allow for a minimum of 1 hour for your stopover in Oslo. Norway is not an EU-member and you have to pick up your luggage and take it through customs:

  • pick up your luggage at „Baggage Claim“ upon arrival in Oslo
  • pass through customs control
  • take it to „Baggage Drop-off“ one floor higher

Arrival in Tromsø

You should arrive in Tromsø Saturday before 14:10 h. I will meet you at the airport. The total travel time from Central Europe is typically between 5 and 6 hours.

Tip:  Excess Baggage

If 8 kg of hand luggage, 20 kg checked-in baggage and the ski bag are not enough, you can wear your ski boots (approx. 3 kg) during the flight and carry comfortable shoes in your hand luggage.

Tip: ABS-Avalanche Airbag

According to IATA regulations (International Air Transport Association) for the transport of avalanche airbags on flights, the backpack must be carried as hand luggage with the release handle and cartridge fitted.

Customs Regulations

Alcohol is very expensive in Norway and the choice is restricted in our location (except for beer). Tip: Bring your own favourite drinks from your home country or from the duty-free shop. You may import 3 liters of wine (four  0,75l-bottles) and 2 liters of beer (one sixpack of small cans).

Click here to view the customs regulations of  Norway:

Meeting Point

I will be waiting for you at Tromsø airport Saturday 14:10 h; this is the latest acceptable time of arrival. Guests, who booke flights with later arrival, have to organice the transfer to the lodge themselves at their own expense. The arrival area is small and makes for a comfortable meeting point.

Transfer to the Lodge

Depending on our arrival time there is an early and a late transfer to the lodge. Travel time is 1 to 2 hours, depending on road conditions.

Return Journey

We pack on the eve of the return journey. Transfer to the airport is by car or taxi. Depending on the departure time ther is an early and a late transfer. The return flight from Tromsø should not be earlier than 12:00 h. Transfers to the ariport for flights before 12:00 h are at your own expense. For a flight at 8:00 h you would have to leave the lodge at 5:00 h, which is not convenient.

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