Tour description & requirements

Ski level and fitness

You should be fit enough to hike for 4 hours with a vertical gain of up to 1.300 m. It helps if you are skilled in doing kick-turns during the ascent and you should be comfortable with skiing in difficult snow. The better your skill and fitness level, the more you will enjoy your time in Norway.

The terrain is relatively flat and open, there are hardly any tight or steep couloirs as in the European Alps. Norway is a great destination for soul skiers, the landscape is stunning. Uloya Island is barren and remote – north of it the vast Polar Sea stretches into infinity. The Lyngen Alps have beautiful glaciers and forests.

Hiking times and vertical distances

Average hiking times are 3-4 hours with vertical gains of 1.100 to 1.300 m.  Longer ascents are rewarding due to the great skiing terrain. Many people find that their fitness is better here than in the higher European Alps, due to the oxygen-rich air close to sea level.

Popular ski tours

All tours are carefully planned. There are suitable destinations for any type of weather, often we decide in the morning where to go.  Popular areas include Uløya, Kågen, Arnøya or the Lyngen Peninsula. We reach our starting points by car, ferry or fishing boat. Highlights include Kjelvågtinden, Storgalten, Tafeltinden, Sorbmegáisá and Storhaugen.

Snow and seasons

The best time for ski touring in Norway is around spring equinox at March 21, when day and night have the same length around the globe. After that date, day length increases quickly day by day and from mid-May onwards, the sun no longer sets.  The conditions then change quickly from deep winter to spring – powder snow, which can be found in all expositions until mid-March, becomes beautiful spring snow or firn in April. Clothing and skiing equipment should be adapted to these conditions. Check the Weather Report for the Lyngen Alps!

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