Persian Culture

Kashan – Isfahan – Shiraz – Persepolis

Day 9: On the way to Kashan we visit Ghom and Shirin of Fatima. Arrived Kashan we see Tabātabāei, a silk road merchant House and Fin Garden or Bāgh-e Fin. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kashan.

Day 10: In the morning, we visit the excavations of the oldest settlements of Persia: Tepe Sialk (5000 BC.). In the afternoon, we carry on to Isfahan. Overnight stay at a hotel in Isfahan.

Day 11: Isfahan. Visit to the fantastic palace grounds of Ali Qaqpu and arguably one of the most beautiful mosques of the Islamic world – Masdjed-e Shah. Dinner at the shores of Zayandeh river. Overnight stay at a hotel in Isfahan.

Day 12: Visit to Pasargadae, the city of Cyrus the Great and onward journey to Shiraz, the vibrant university town with the largest medical faculty of the country. Its Bazar is unique and beyond comparison to the touristic souks of Arabic countries. Overnight stay at a hotel in Shiraz.

Day 13:  We visit Vakil Bazar, Nasir ol-Molk Mosque and the pilgrim site of Shah Cheraq. In the afternoon we visit Persepolis, the Persian version of the Acropolis, the city of Xerxes.

Day 14: Early morning flight back to Central Europe  (Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt…).


Sightseeing Guides

Depending on availability we will have German or English speaking guides for our visits to the cultural sights.


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Photo at the top by Harald Gleisner