Ski Touring in Iran

Acclimatization on Alam Kuh or Daborrar for Mt. Damavand

Depending on snow and weather conditions we will acclimatize either in the  Daborrar Mountains or at Alam Kuh.

Day 1: Departure form Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt or Zurich. Arrival in Teheran late in the evening. Overnight stay at a Hotel in Teheran.

In the Daborrar Mountains

Day 2: Transfer to Reineh. Hike above the village.

Day 3: Climbing Mt. Soz Chal, 4100 m.

Day 4: Climbing Mt. Angehemar, 4150 m.

Day 5: Climbing Mt. Daborrar, 4200 m.


To Mt. Damavand

Day 6: Transfer to Gusfansara mosque at the foot of Mt. Damavand at 3000 m above sea-level. Ascent to the bivouac at 4200 m.

Day 7: To the summit of Mt. Damavand. 2700 vertical meters descent on firn snow back to the mosque. Overnight stay in Reineh with local families.

Day 8: Spare day for the summit in case of adverse conditions or,  travel south to the Kavir desert, overnight stay at the edge of the salt lake Daryacheh-ye Namak in the caravanserai Maranjab.

You will be guided by an officially licensed Austrian ski- and mountain guide on all ski tours. He will not only ensure that you are safe on the mountain but also take care of optimum acclimatization to create the best possible conditions for you to reach the summit of the highest mountain of Iran.

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Photo at the top by Rudi Wötzel