Travel Information Kalymnos

Program:  Rock Climbing and Sailing in Kalymnos

Day 1: Arrival: Flight from Innsbruck, Graz or Vienna to Kos. On to the harbour at Mastichari, check-in on the yacht. Dinner with meet and greet, discussing details of the program.

Day 2: Sailing trip (approx. 20 nm) to Kalymnos. Anchoring at Telendos island. Discovering the first climbing area, warm-up on easy routes.

Day 3: By dinghy (small boat with outboard motor) to the main island. Climbing near the beach. Routes: easy close to the beach, difficult with overhanging sections, multi-pitch routes.

Day 4: Sailing trip to the capital Pothia for a stroll around town and its coffee houses. zum Bummeln und Kaffee trinken. Visit to the sponge-diving museum. In the afternoon, climbing and swimming on the southern coast.

Day 5: Sailing trip to the bay of Arginontas to the largest and most widely known slimbing area of Ahri. Climbing and bathing. Anchoring at the bay. Optional: Dinner at a small and cosy local restaurant.

Day 6: Sailing around the norhern cape of the island and into the bay of Sikathi with excellent climbing routes and deep-water-soloing (free-solo-climbing above deep water). Anchoring in the bay of Paleonisou. Dinner under the olive tree with an old acquaintance who will happily welcome us. That’s the fun of climbing and sailing in Kalymnos.

Day 7: Swimming and sunbathing. Last sailing trip to Kos.  Goodbye dinner at the seafood restaurant in Mastichari.

Day 8: Breakfast, packing, return journey.